A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Escape from the meat plant! The objective is to stack your friends as fast as you can to escape. The grinder is constantly working against you, so you must work as a team to build a tower to the switch. If you don't get there before the time runs out, say BYE BYE!

This game is still in development. It was made in nine days for the Portland Indie Game Squad's Summer Slow Jam.

Jaegon Allison: 3D Development, Sound, Music
Teddy Delaney: 3D Modeling, Texturing
Josh Farmer: 3D Modeling, Texturing, Level Design
Jacob Penner: Programming
Erik Sundberg: Programming, 2D Art/Animation

Install instructions

Downloads are available for both windows and mac. The game can be used with controllers for 4 players, or directional keys and wasd for two player on keyboard.


Best Friends GRIND Together (Mac) 49 MB
Best Friends GRIND Together (Windows) 46 MB

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